You sit or stand or walk in an ambience that is alive... The New York Times



the sound is ethereal, uncanny and apocalyptic...

WDR5, West German Broadcasting

It's so haunting…
National Public Radio,

...immerse yourself in a cosmic space limited only by the extent of your own imagination... remarkable… far more than merely fascinating.

your mind reels with the marvel of life and what a talented artist can do with it... amazing array of truly heavenly voices.
Bavarian Forest, Bavaria On-Line Magazine (Germany)

Once your imagination takes over, it's like traveling through deep space at almost the speed of light. It's quite the trip!

Talman... maps out a very deep voyage…it’s shadowy and hushed, filling your listening space

A Bavarian review referred to a whirring, buzzing, roar, waterfall, Gregorian chant, and summed up that it is “simply not of this world.” I could agree with that. – Four Stars. Audiophile Audition.

Featured, Nov 2011.

Top 20, December 2011, Year in Review
WXPN-FM, Experimental Pennsylvania Network, Stars End,

Top 20, December 2011. Secret Music, WVKR-FM

Top 20, Feb 2012. Galactic Travels, WDIY-FM.


Sea of Curves, CD cover label

He both stimulates and translates imagination
in a way that tears the hinges off the doors of
Talent in Motion Magazine

Art is manifest as an aesthetic-acoustic energy.
And so a wide field is open to association. In the
mind's eye, everything meets that met before as
ideas, requests and prayers, in hopes and desires,
in despair and complaints, in God-seeking and
loss in all of the centuries in this church room.
Mittelbayerische Zeitung

An extraordinary sound experience... Talman is
the single artist worldwide who renders sound installations of this type.

Koelnische Rundschau